Dust and ashes

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Over the last few weeks, I have found myself reading a lot about Job and all of his trials. The amount of tragedy that this man had to deal with boggles my mind. From having his land and livestock taken away to the loss of his 10 children to having a disease more horrible than I could ever imagine. Now, keep in mind that Job was a pretty good guy… he was faithful. Every morning he would get up and offer up a sacrifice for his kids, just in case they sinned against God in any way. He was a family man and was well regarded by other folks. He wasn’t sinless but he did have faith. However, this same “good” guy was put through the grinder by the very God that he served. While reading his story, I found myself asking “why” more times than I can count.

But even more amazing than his trials was Job’s response to them. The bible says that “in all of this, Job did not sin with his lips”… now, I don’t know about you but I am sure that I would’ve handled it much differently. In fact, I do handle trials much differently than Job. I tend to play the blame game or simply lose faith in the midst of what I have feared. That’s the thing that amazes me about him, I see in Job the very faith that I should have in the face of tragedy.

What’s the meaning behind Job’s story? I’d say it’s about learning to trust in the divine wisdom of God in all things… the good times and the bad. We may not know why things happen, why innocents suffer… but we know that God is sovereign over all things. As Job said, “Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?”. It seems the story of Job is about this very point, that we may not understand it all but we are to trust in God’s wisdom. I’ve had a lot of friends deal with tragedy this year, but I find solace in the book of Job. I find solace in the fact that God’s infinite wisdom is working all things for His glory… despite our sinfulness and faithlessness.

So all of this to say that the other night at around 2am, I started playing around with some chords and about an hour later… I had this song. It’s basically Job telling his story and relating the fact that there is indeed “perfect wisdom in all the Lord has done”. Here’s the lyrics…

Dust and ashes

I’ve been blessed with a home, ten children and a wife
And all the land a man could ever want
I rise early in the morning to lay down before the Lord
An offering for each daughter and son

But then came a day that could break a faithless man
The wind and fire came down from on high
Almost everything I loved was gone at the end of the day
What was left was me and my wife

With nothing I came into this world
And with nothing I shall return
It is the Lord who gave and the Lord who’s taken away
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be the name of the Lord

In the stillness of the day sickness came into my life
And my wife gave in to the weight of tragedy
But shall we accept only good from the God of all things
Shall we not accept adversity?

But the nights grow long and I grow wearisome of them
Of wondering if I will arise
I’m mocked by my friends, I find no comfort there
What sin did I commit in Your eyes?

Repeat chorus

The deep voice in the whirlwind speaks to this broken man
Who is ashamed of all that he has become
I repent in dust and ashes, oh, of every careless word
For there is wisdom in all the Lord has done
Yes, perfect wisdom in all the Lord has done

Repeat chorus

(C) Joe Bassett 2004

grace and peace

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