American Idol, Bubba Ho-Tep and the Promised Land

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I watched the finale of American Idol yesterday and realized a few things. First of all, I don’t think there is a person out there that is able to interview anymore. I haven’t heard that many stupid questions since… well, ever! If I heard “you’re hot right now” one more time, I’m sure I would have gone on a killing spree through the offices of E television… good grief. Secondly, is it me or does Kelly Clarkson look a little… freakish lately? Also, I think Ruben ate Justin before the show… I don’t have proof as of yet, but stay tuned.

I also watched a very cool movie yesterday called Bubba Ho-Tep. Now, let me preface this by saying that I’m a huge Bruce ” The Man” Campbell fan. If you’ve seen any of the Evil Dead movies then you know what I’m talking about. Well, Bruce stars as an elderly Elvis who is now living in a retirement home after switching places with an Elvis impersonator (the real Elvis was tired of the fame). There’s also an elderly black man (the great Ossie Davis) who thinks he’s JFK… he says he was dyed by Johnson as part of a huge conspiracy. Ok, still with me so far? It gets better. The retirement home is under seige by a soul sucking mummy who is killing the residents of this Texas rest home. So, we have an old Elvis and a black JFK battling an ancient mummy… it just doesn’t get any better than this. The movie is funny, crude, a bit creepy, sad and heartwarming all at the same time. I highly recommend it! Now, I realize that some people may not “get” the movie, but at least it’s more original than anything Hollywood has put out in the last 10 years. Check it out!

Other than watching tv and movies… I’ve been busy finalizing the artwork for the cd. I just got the final design today so I’ll be sending it off this week. We’ll probably start taking pre-orders really soon (*cough*hintforgeof*cough*). I’m really happy with the artwork, so thanks to Jeremy Cowart over at Pixelgrazer for helping me out… very cool guy.

While I’m thinking of it… I just want to give a big thank you to Bryan Allain and Geof Morris for working on this site for me and to Megan Eaves for being my non-touring road manager… you guys rock!

So that’s about it round here, so I’ll leave you with a random cd recommendation… Willie Nelson’s Teatro.

grace and peace


Rapid fire ramdomness

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Some random thoughts for you today…

I had a conversation not long ago with a friend about “Christian” bumperstickers and how they either sound stupid or sexual… which I’m pretty sure is not the effect they want. Anyway, I’m riding through Dover to an air show at the air force base and I see a car with a bumper sticker in front of me. Since I am a zombie programmed to read these stupid things, I read it. Here’s what it said…. “In case of Rapture, this car will swerve as my mother-in-law takes the wheel”. What the heck is up with that??!!?? I figured the car would swerve because the dude was a bad driver, which he proved over and over again. The funniest thing about these bumper stickers is the idea that a person is standing in a store reading them… laughing and actually thinking “that is so funny, I must stick it on my car and ruin the paint!”.

Speaking of weird Christian things…. has anyone heard that new version of Amazing Grace (not the cool Jars of Clay song)? I think Todd Agnew does it (I could be wrong). My goodness is it horrible… what was he thinking. Why on earth would you take one of the most beloved hymns ever and make it a very, very bad worship song. Not to mention that he sounds like he has a muffler with a hole in it in his throat. Amazing Grace is one of those songs that you just don’t change, it’s in the constitution. Also as a side note, why does every worship song have something about rain it? I’m going to write a worship song about hail, just to be different. “Grace like hail”… that could be catchy!

I said goodbye to one of the best shows ever on wednesday… Angel. I will now be in mourning until Alias comes back on (which after sunday, won’t be until January… yikes!)

It was announced by Sony the other day that Bruce Springsteen will release a new cd this fall… either an acoustic album or with the E Street band. Let the rejoicing begin.

Patty Giffin may have one of the best backing bands ever… absolutely amazing. Doug Lancio is my new guitar hero.

I truly believe that allergies are the work of the devil… I’ve been very close to scratching my eyes out or removing my nose or something numerous times. Either I have a sinus headache or there is a midget dancing in my head… I haven’t decided which yet… but I’m rooting for the midget.

In July, the Mullet fan club will invade Delaware in preperation for the Nascar race just like every other year… I will try to post pictures : )

Kurt Russell is one of the most underrated actors ever.

I do not understand the fascination with reality television… are we so miserable in our own lives that we have to watch these poor morons make fools of themselves on tv? I caught about 5 minutes of The Swan the other night and was totally prepared to throw myself into a wood chipper. I’m sure that in a hundred years people will look back on it the same way that we look back on Vanilla Ice… or maybe the upcoming Cicada invasion.

I just saw that there will be a movie on the Sci Fi channel called Boa vs Python… or Python vs Boa… I forget… but the title isn’t important. The movie is about a giant python that gets loose and reeks havoc on… probably Canada or something. Anyway, the only way to stop it is a genetically altered boa created to hunt pythons (?!). Seriously, I woudn’t kid about something like this. The official description is “Two reptilian killing machines face off to fight to the death – with humanity as the prize”. Who in the name of Ned Flanders is making this movie?!!??? This is just pure genius… I might have to Tivo it! It’s times like these when I miss Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Speaking of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I just finished buying all the dvd’s that are out and couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t seen this show, it’s basically two robots and a guy (originally Joel, later Mike) forced to watch bad movies. So we watch them watching the movie and making fun of it… it was possibly the greatest show ever. Go buy or rent a dvd as soon as possible, it will change your life!

So that ‘s about it for now… take care and always remember the wise words of Bruce Campbell’s Ash from the movie Army of Darkness, “Shop smart, shop S mart.”

grace and peace


The deadly Mutaba virus

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these… but I swear I have a good reason! My computer was hit by the digital equivalent of the deadly Mutaba virus… the Sasser virus. It took me forever to get the darn thing off my computer and caused all kinds of havoc in my life. Who knew that I was so dependent on a stupid laptop… yeesh. Anyway, I got it taken care of only to have my computer crash for completely different reasons. Now I’m back up and running after learning a very valuable lesson… I will soon be purchasing a Mac Powerbook and dancing on my HP laptop’s grave.

During my laptop crisis I had the privilege of opening for the very cool Jeremy Casella again here in Delaware. Cason Cooley was here with him and since he played on my cd, he helped me out on a few songs (along with my good friend Mike Melnick on bass). It was a lot of fun and I got the chance to try out some new songs that I’ve been itching to play. Also, my friends Christiana and “Rumorsage” Mark came to the show and it was great to see them. It never ceases to amaze me when I think about the friends I’ve made over the last couple of years… they’ve all been a real blessing and I can’t thank them enough for their support. Hopefully Jeremy and I will be playing a few more shows together this summer if everything works out. We did record the show and we’ll have a couple of songs available here for download soon.

On the cd news front, I just saw the final artwork for the cd and I’m very happy with it. So now once a couple of little errors are fixed (my own fault) I’ll be sending it out to be manufactured. So look for it to be available for preorder in the next week or so (for real this time… I promise!). I can’t tell you how glad I’ll be to get the album out there for everyone. There have been more weird delays with this thing than I could possibly imagine, I’ll just be happy to have it in my grubby little hands.

So that’s just about it for now, I’ll leave you with a lyric from the amazing Andrew Peterson

So let me sing for the love
Let me love for the lost
Let me lose all I have
For what I found on the cross
Let me trust You with my life
Let me live to give You praise
Let me praise You for the grace by which I’m saved
Lord let me sing

Grace and peace


"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer