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A bit of news for you… as most of you know, the cd is done and in my hands. If you haven’t already, you can order it right here. A bit of funny/bad news for you… it seems that I’ve never had chickenpox and due to current circumstances, I’ll probably get it in the next week or so. So yeah, that should be a load of fun! I had a ton of travel plans for this month and almost all of them have now been canceled… a serious bummer. That also knocked out some plans for touring (among other barriers that popped up), so I’m booking for late summer/fall right now. Hopefully we’ll have some dates up here eventually, I do know the cd release party will be early August. If you’re interested in a show or know someone who is… let me know!

I picked up the new Wilco cd A ghost is born and it’s absolutely brilliant… not that I expected anything else. Go get a copy if you haven’t already! I also went and saw Spiderman 2 yesterday and must say that it’s easily the best superhero movie ever… and one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Everything that I’ve ever wanted to see on the big screen since I was a kid reading comics was right there in glorious widescreen. Rhonda (who is not a comic fan) loved it as well, so if you’re not into comic book movies go see it anyway. It’s so much more than just an action movie. Great stuff.

As a follow up to my last journal… Bob Dylan will be playing in Maryland twice in August (with Willie Nelson!!!) so I may yet get a chance to see him around here. I also picked up the Bob Dylan SACD boxed set finally and it sounds amazing. You can actually here Dylan’s cufflink hit a string at one point, pretty cool.

I’m also thinking of ways to finally expand this website soon… hopefully we can add some stuff soon. My web guru Geofizzle just added an archive and a search function to the right on this page, so check that out. I’m also sending a copy of the Casella/Bassett show to him so hopefully we’ll have some downloads on here finally. Keep checking back!

That’s about it, hopefully I’ll be able to update this page fairly soon… if I don’t die from the deadly chickenpox/ebola virus first! Take care!

Grace and Peace



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Well, it’s Vacation Bible School week at our church and Rhonda and I are helping out for the week as rally leaders (and recreation). So I probably won’t post another journal till the weekend or after when I actually have 2 seconds of free time. Speaking of VBS, what is up with the songs that they use for these programs? This years theme is Racing to the Son (a Japanese theme) and the songs that are included are ridiculous. I could barely sing them, let alone a kid! I miss the good old days when VBS songs weren’t written by Eminem’s hyper little brother or something. I haven’t heard that many words strung together in one line since DMX had a seizure mid-rap. The good thing is we get to pick our own songs, so we won’t be singing any of those. Question for my reformed peeps… even though I’m Calvinist and or Reformed, I don’t go to a reformed church… is the VBS stuff the same/better/theologically superior to you and your dog??? I’m curious since I attend a Baptist church what other churches use. Same goes for you other theologically incorrect folks (just kidding… sort of… it’s all in good Christian fun!!!!). Let me know what y’all do for VBS at your churches.

In other news…

If you’ve seen the front page (or have come from the land of rocksmyfaceoff.net), you’ve probably seen that the cd is at the printers and nearly done. We’re listing the release date as July 1st and will mostly likely ship them out on that day (if not before) if you’ve pre-ordered it. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, than what are you waiting for!!

In other-er news…

Will Ferrell’s new movie Anchorman looks brilliant! Everything the guy does makes me laugh and this looks no different.

Spiderman 2 could possibly be the greatest movie of the year (I still need to see Harry Potter 3)… June 30th can’t get here soon enough.

Scary Movie 3 stole almost 2 hours from my life!!!

The dvd from the band Wilco called I’m trying to break your heart may be the best documentary on the recording of an album EVER. It’s fascinating to watch the band not only record, but deal with getting dropped by there label and losing a bandmember (who was fired). If you haven’t already seen it, check it out.

Nascar weekend came and went here (after I yelled “get out of my state you stinkin’ freaks!!!!”)… I counted at least 37 mullets and was nearly hit with a stray shot of skoal. It truly is the darkest weekend of the year. I don’t know who won the race, I don’t care and no, I don’t want to see your tanlines sir… but thank you anyway.

Confession time….. I watched the new Peter Pan and got a little teary eyed at one point… what is up with that??!!!??? It’s freakin Peter Pan!!!!!!! It wasn’t even that great of a movie nor was it a very emotional scene! I seriously need to be on medication because I’ve been one large emotional wreck for the last few weeks… I think it’s because of the Nascar freaks. Bring on the Prozac!!!

Wal-mart is the entry way to Hell.

Customer Service is at an all time low… I went into Mcdonalds and was able to order, get my food…. get my order fixed (because they screwed it up) and leave without the cashier saying one word to me (or even really look at me for that matter)! I mean, how hard is it to say “Welcome” or “May I take your order” or “Hey, aren’t you that Joe Bassett guy” or “I still can’t get my GED because I apparently have no motor functions” or just grunt… I’d take a grunt at this point. Good grief.

I’m watching the dvd’s for the Dick Van Dyke Show and I truly believe that tv was funnier back then… with the exception of Seinfeld, The Simpson’s and MST3k.

Also, I’m trying out Netflix (thanks Derek!) to see if I like it… I like the idea of getting movies at my door, it’ll be like Christmas!!!

and finally… on a sad note. Bob Dylan played up in Wilmington last week and I forgot! How could I forget Bob Dylan, what the heck??!!!? I remembered the next day and was seriously bummed. It doesn’t help that I don’t know a single person in Delaware that likes Dylan (they’re all Toby Keith fans or something) so I had no one to go with… but still, I would’ve gone alone. So yeah, I’m still smarting from that… I think it’s gonna leave a scar.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tip your waitresses!

Grace and Peace



“So you’re gone…”

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This last weekend has been a pretty tough one to get through. Rhonda and I had to say goodbye to a couple of really good friends who are moving on to bigger and better things (literally since Delaware is so small). Our friends the Letz’s are moving to Texas (hence the “bigger” comment… ’cause everything is bigger in texas, I know, I’ve seen the spiders down there!) and will be dearly missed. Kevin and I have spent many a late night talking about Calvinism, the Church and Veggietales. Not to mention their two cute kids who will be growing up far, far away from us. At the same time, we had to say goodbye to our piano player at church and her family who are moving to Tennessee. Another family that we’ll dearly miss. So, the already small state of Delaware feels a little smaller today and I’m a bit sad about it. I guess that’s the price you pay for living in an air force town… people come and go but it never gets any easier. However, I know that God has them where He wants them to be and I’m not gonna argue with that. The good thing is, as a travelling musician I’m bound to be near them at some point. If not, I’m always up for a road trip!

So in honor of my good friends leaving, here are the words to one of my favorite songs written by my friend Derek Webb (back in his Caedmons Call days). Take care and I’ll talk to you real soon.

Can’t lose you- written by Derek Webb

So you’re gone but I know you’re not so far away
You’re a call on the phone or a ride on a plane
But that just isn’t the same, yeah well

That’s ok because I was never home anyway
So now everyone’s evolving and I am just the same
As I was ten years ago, but I don’t know
Maybe the simple life is more the way to go
But then again, I’m mostly all alone

‘Cause I’m losing everyone
But I know I can’t lose you
And maybe my time will come
But I know I can’t lose you

The older I get well, the more that life is making sense
And it’s similar to traffic of being president
‘Cause I’m not the one in control
You grab a hold
I’m just a hammer helping to nail the future down
But it’s getting hard making my friends leave town

But maybe I missed the nose right on my face
For what’s just past it
And maybe I have the gift that everyone speaks to highly of
Funny how nobody wants it

Grace and peace


The tears of a grown man

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“Cliff” has been broken… Let me explain, I’m messing around on guitar tonight to figure out what to play tomorrow night in church. I sit down my Martin guitar (that was bought off of Cliff Young from Caedmon’s Call) and after a minute or so… I hear a loud pop. I picked it up and look at the bottom (toward the end pin) and I see a long crack from the bottom to the side. At this point, I’m sure that I am in some weird dream and will realize I’m in school with just my underwear on or something. No such luck. “Cliff” (it’s name) has been broken and will be going to my guitar tech to be repaired. Please keep him in your prayers (I’m only sorta joking about that). So yeah, the one thing that can bring me to tears is my very expensive guitar breaking… a sad, sad day. Hopefully “Cliff” will be back home and good as new in a couple of weeks.

In other news, my cd is at the printers and should be done in roughly 2 to 3 weeks. We’ll have it available for preorder sometime this week. Also, I’m booking shows for the summer (some with Jeremy Casella and Cason Cooley, some just me) and if any of y’all are interested, please let me know.

And I think that’s just about it for now… enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you have cable, watch the season finale of The Sopranos. It should be one heck of an episode.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the genius that is Homer Simpson… “I’m not normally a religious man, but if you’re up there, save me, Superman!” Classic.

Grace and peace


Loretta Lynn & Jack White??!!!???

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Memorial day weekend is over and everyone has gone back to work (or for us slackers, not). I had a good weekend that included eating way too much and playing a brutal couple of games of volleyball. We also had our first “combined” service at church for the summer. Basically, we’re combining our traditional and contemporary services together… which should prove to be interesting. It was a good service though and it was nice to look around and see a lot of folks that I don’t usually get to see.

I also picked up a cool little cd the other day, Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose. Man, this is one great album! It’s produced by Jack White (?!) (from the band The White Stripes) and it hasn’t left my cd player all weekend. It’s very organic and very raw… it reminds me of Emmylou Harris’ cd Wrecking Ball (which I HIGHLY recommend) in that it takes what she’s known for and add’s something completely different. Loretta Lynn is 70 some years old and has probably made the best album of her career… absolutely amazing. I saw her on some country awards show the other day (I think it was the American Country Music Awards… but I’m not sure)… after one lousy band after another, she came on stage (with Vince Gill on acoustic) and sang the song “I miss being Mrs” off of the new album and she just blew me away. It was so heartbreaking and beautiful. Just her voice and the acoustic… so simple and yet it was better than anything else that night (what is up with country music these days? yeesh!). In a sea of Rascal Flats and Toby Keiths she was the one shining lighthouse. Amazing.

I also got the new cd from my friend Derek Webb called The House Show. A very cool cd, it’s a recording of one of his house shows that he’s been doing. Derek has been playing these shows as a way of talking about the issues brought up by his cd She must and shall go free (as well as playing the music on it). It’s well worth it and I hope y’all check it out… plus it has his version of Bob Dylan’s Every grain of sand which is one of my favorite cover songs right now. Please pick up a copy, you can buy it on his website right now and it’s definitely something worth listening to.

So there you go, some homework for you all to do… go buy some cd’s! Well, that’s about it for now… I hope you guys had a great and safe weekend and I’ll talk to you real soon.

grace and peace


"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer