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A bit of news for you… as most of you know, the cd is done and in my hands. If you haven’t already, you can order it right here. A bit of funny/bad news for you… it seems that I’ve never had chickenpox and due to current circumstances, I’ll probably get it in the next week or so. So yeah, that should be a load of fun! I had a ton of travel plans for this month and almost all of them have now been canceled… a serious bummer. That also knocked out some plans for touring (among other barriers that popped up), so I’m booking for late summer/fall right now. Hopefully we’ll have some dates up here eventually, I do know the cd release party will be early August. If you’re interested in a show or know someone who is… let me know!

I picked up the new Wilco cd A ghost is born and it’s absolutely brilliant… not that I expected anything else. Go get a copy if you haven’t already! I also went and saw Spiderman 2 yesterday and must say that it’s easily the best superhero movie ever… and one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Everything that I’ve ever wanted to see on the big screen since I was a kid reading comics was right there in glorious widescreen. Rhonda (who is not a comic fan) loved it as well, so if you’re not into comic book movies go see it anyway. It’s so much more than just an action movie. Great stuff.

As a follow up to my last journal… Bob Dylan will be playing in Maryland twice in August (with Willie Nelson!!!) so I may yet get a chance to see him around here. I also picked up the Bob Dylan SACD boxed set finally and it sounds amazing. You can actually here Dylan’s cufflink hit a string at one point, pretty cool.

I’m also thinking of ways to finally expand this website soon… hopefully we can add some stuff soon. My web guru Geofizzle just added an archive and a search function to the right on this page, so check that out. I’m also sending a copy of the Casella/Bassett show to him so hopefully we’ll have some downloads on here finally. Keep checking back!

That’s about it, hopefully I’ll be able to update this page fairly soon… if I don’t die from the deadly chickenpox/ebola virus first! Take care!

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    hi joe! can’t wait for your cd to arrive and i would like a photo of you with the pox.

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