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So I’m sitting here in the Wingate hotel outside of Baltimore and wasting some time. My wife is at a conference so I’ve been bumming around the Inner Harbor and enjoying the cool nights here. Baltimore almost seems like a second home to me, I’ve been coming here my whole life for Orioles games or just to hang out… We’ve always lived so close that it’s become second nature. So I always enjoy back and spending some time here… not too long ago I wrote a song about the first time my wife and I came here together (back when we were dating, all those many years ago), maybe I’ll record a demo of it and put it on the site someday soon. Anyway, last night we went to the ESPN Zone (always a must) and wandered around the Barnes and Noble so that I could talk myself out of buying a billion cd’s… there’s just too many good cd’s out right now and not enough money for it all.. it’s so sad ; )

Speaking of cd’s… if you haven’t picked up Caedmon’s Call’s latest cd Share the Well then you are missing out. A fantastic cd with a message that is all too important for us to hear. My producer Andrew Osenga is now part of the band and he (as well as everyone else) has done an amazing job. You can order it at eb+flo.com which is also where you can order my own cd now (shameless plug). So check out the new Caedmon’s record and also order Derek Webb’s upcoming cd I see things upside down… I was lucky enough to get a copy from Derek and I’ve gotta tell you, it may be the best record of the year so far. I can’t recommend this album enough.

Well, I think I’m going to head back into the city and see if a can find a pub or coffee house to hang out in for a while. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

Grace and peace


Goodbye, Superman

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I was saddened (and shocked) to read that Christopher Reeve passed away yesterday from heart failure. I will never forget watching Superman for the first time and seeing him take flight while John Williams beautiful score lifted our spirits with him. No one else will ever be Superman for me, when he made that transition from Clark to Kal-El in Lois’ apartment… when his posture, voice, everything changed with the removal of the glasses…it was the perfect example of what acting means. My love for movies started with Superman and I’ll always look back on it with a child’s innocent eyes. So just like every other comic fan out there and for everyone who believed that a man could fly… we’ll miss the Man of Steel.

Grace and peace



"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer