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Hey everybody, I just wanted to get the word out about a couple of CD’s that some friends of mine have released. I highly recommend each and everyone and suggest that you run (not walk) to a store (or website) to buy them.

Derek Webb I See Things Upside Down– This is such a fantastic CD and a very convicting one at that. Lyrically, it kicked me in my gut more than a few times and musically it’s one of the best album’s out there. If you’re a fan of Wilco or Radiohead, you must go and get this record.

Caedmon’s Call Share the Well– I had the privelage of hearing some first person accounts on the making of this album and can attest to the passion that went into this CD. It’s a call for us as believers to stand up and take notice of some of the things happening in our world. Musically it reflects the places that the album was recorded (India, Brazil and Ecquador) with a cool folk bend and lyrically it tells the stories of people they encountered along the way. I will gladly admit to tearing up a few times during this album and I think it’s some of the best writing from this band since Long Line of Leavers. Just a great CD which also features Promised Landproducer Andrew Osenga (now a full time member of Caedmon’s).

Jeremy Casella 10,000 Angels– I’ve played a few shows with Jeremy and he’s a very good friend… but even if that wasn’t the case, I’d still tell you to go buy his new EP. Featuring some songs from his last album The Innocence Fires (which never really saw the light of day, but you can find it online if you look… and I suggest you do) but in a much different way. The album is sparse and ambient (in a good way) and includes a beautiful acoustic version of his song Dust to Glory.

Matthew Smith Even When My Heart is Breaking– Matthew is the lead singer of Indelible Grace’s touring band and is featured on all 3 CD’s (plus the Christmas CD). This is his first solo EP and it’s a nice little collection of traditional hymns (Jesus, what a friend for sinners/Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus) and some retuned hymns of his own. Produced by my buddy Cason Cooley (who is also very prominent on Derek Webb’s new CD), it’s got some great production work and some killer background vocals (featuring Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Jeremy Casella and Andrew Osenga to name a few). You can get it on Matthew’s website.

Andrew Peterson Behold the Lamb of God– Andrew is an unbelievable songwriter and this is a collection of songs that he performs every year at his Christmas show (which is amazingly good in it’s own right) and features most of the people at those shows. Produced by Andrew Osenga (he’s everywhere!), it tells the story of Christ’s birth but in a way that we’ve never heard before. It showcases all original songs by Andy P and it’s some of his best writing ever. This is definitely the CD to give to folks for Christmas. I’ll have mine playing till the end of the year (and most likely long after!)

So there you go, some great CD’s that would make for great Christmas presents. All of these guys are making music that people like me have been craving from the Christian music world for a long time. You can buy most of the CD’s at Eb+Flo or at the artists website (just click on their name). Support indie artists!!!

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