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Hey everyone, the good folks over at eb+flo asked me to give them a song that people could download on there site for free (a bit of a Christmas present to everyone)… so I had this hymn that was written by William Gadsby and I put it to new music a few weeks ago. I was going to record it in a friends studio here in town, but he’s having some technical issues so that didn’t work out. So instead, I had my friend Will record it live at my church the other day… just me, a guitar and the traffic outside. So head on over and check it out (along with some artists) and let me know what you think. The quality is a little shoddy (it’s basically a bootleg through the board) but you’ll get the idea.

Here’s the lyrics for those of you who are interested…

Ye souls redeemed with Jesus’ precious blood
Words- William Gadsby
Music- Joe Bassett

Ye souls redeemed with Jesus’ precious blood
Proclaim the grace of your incarnate God
Sing that amazing, boundless, matchless love
Which brought the Lord of glory from above

The eternal Word, who built the earth and skies
Takes on Him flesh and in a manger lies
In that dear Babe of Bethlehem I see
My God, contracted to a span for me

Mary’s first-born was God and man in one
David’s own God and David’s blessed Son
Well might the angels wing their way to earth
To celebrate so glorious a birth

They sang, with new surprise and fresh delights
Glory to God, in all the angelic heights
Surrounded with God’s glory in a blaze
To heaven they fly, the incarnate God to praise

Shall angels sing the honors of his name
And sinners, saved by grace, silent remain?
Good God, forbid! Inflame us with Thy love
And set our groveling minds on things above

This God-like mystery we will gladly sing
And own the virgin’s Babe our God and King
Jehovah Jesus, we will Thee adore
And crown Thee Lord of all forevermore

© Joe Bassett 2004

Thanks a lot for all of your support and I hope y’all are enjoying the holidays!

Grace and peace


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