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Hello all! It’s been a while since my last journal and there is no excuse for that… unless you count being lazy or just too busy as excuses. If so, I will use them.

Anyhoo, a bit of news for everyone… I will be heading out with Caedmon’s Call on their spring tour. Alas, I am not opening for them (that would be the always fantastic Andrew Peterson) but I’m very excited about what I will be doing on the tour. As you may or may not know, Caedmon’s went to India last year to record their latest cd Share the well. One of the reason’s for the cd (as well as the tour) is to raise awareness about the persecution of the Dalits in India (please visit the Dalit Freedom Network for more info). It’ll be great to hang out with the band again (some of whom are friends of mine) but it’s even more exciting to be involved in trying to make “Dalit” a word that people recognize and a cause for them to be a part of. So if you can make it to a Caedmon’s show this spring, make sure to say hi and pick up some info on how you can help the Dalits. And If you are going to be at a show, we could use volunteers to help hand out brochures and such… if you’d like to volunteer at a show, drop me a line!

Also, this is not a paid job so we are asking that if anyone can donate money for this ministry… that would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to help out, please email me and I can give you more details. If you don’t feel that you can donate money, I just ask that you keep us (and our families that we’ll be away from) in prayer while we’re out on the road.

Hopefully I’ll be able to journal while I’m on the road and keep y’all updated on our great adventure (Trademark Steven Curtis Chapman). So yeah, I hope to see you at a show!

Free the Dalit!!



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