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We’re back from our trip to New York, actually, we’ve been back since Sunday but I think it’s taken me this long to recuperate. We had a good time, saw Spamalot again and then saw The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee which was great. We saw James Lipton walk by so I said hi… I was hoping he’d interview me for Inside the Actor’s Studio but since I’m not an actor nor am I known by anyone, I don’t think I had a chance.

Not much else happening around here, just getting ready for the mad holiday season. Thanksgiving is just a week away (!) and from then until Christmas it will be a mad dash involving food, family, decorating and hopefully some snowball fights. I love this time of year. It starts at halloween when the weather changes and you can just feel it in the air… that crispness (is that even a word???) that wasn’t there a day or so before. The leaves change to red and gold and the coats start to come out and something about it makes me feel 10 years old all over again. Then, Thanksgiving and Christmas come around and it gets colder, the stocking hats come out (especially for a bald man like me!) and the lights go up on the trees. Hot tea and hot chocolate both start to look really good and then for some reason, you start to look forward to seeing family (even the ones that annoy you a little. Just kidding… sort of). Man, it just warms the heart… break out the Christmas music and movies because it’s coming quick! I got the new Brian Wilson Christmas cd (which is really good) and there’s a song on there called “Christmasey”, I think that’s the best name for the feeling I’m talking about… “Christmasey”. That will be followed by “New Yearsey” and then maybe “President’s Dayey”. Maybe I’ll write that song and put it on my President’s Day album!

One last thing before I go, it looks like I’ll be playing a show up in Quarryville again in December. I’ll post all the details when I get them, should be a good time! Until then, enjoy the calm before the holiday storm!

Grace and Peace

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  1. Katherine Says:

    i love new york! haven’t been since 9/11,
    so i really need to get back there soon.
    Yay for Christmasey stuff!!!

  2. Katherine Says:

    sooo.. was Narnia awesome or what?

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