The Jack Bauer Power Hour

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I hope this new year has started out well for you all, it’s been fairly relaxing around here. I’ve been working my way through the new Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece DVD Collection that I got for Christmas. It’s a great set with lots of documentaries and the movies look amazing. The remastered Rear Window has never looked better and it’s been a blast watching them all again. I’ve also been enjoying the return of 24 (AMAZING season premiere) and tonight we watched American Idol. I don’t know why I watch it (AI) but I can never pull myself away. I’ve just gotta see how bad it can get!

Other than that, I’m starting to get things lined up for the next cd and hopefully I can fill you all in soonish. I don’t want to say too much yet in case something falls through (that happens more than we’d like!) but so far so good. As soon as I have concrete info, I’ll pass it on!

One more thing, check out the new records from my good friends Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, Mockingbird and The Builder and the Architect. Both are fantastic and well worth your time and money. Mockingbird is a great next step in Derek’s sound and a look at our call to love our neighbors and what that looks like in this day and age. Sandra’s hymn cd The Builder… is one of the most beautiful cd’s I’ve heard (love the use of banjo!) and Sandra has never sounded better. So do yourself a favor and buy them both!

Grace and peace

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