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Hey all, lots of things have happened over the last month in regards to my next cd and now seems like a good enough time to let you know what’s going on. As of a month or so ago, I was going to be recording this spring/summer with the very cool Andrew Osenga again… sadly, Andy has decided to hang up his producing coat (you can read about that here) so I had to come up with a Plan B. Now it looks like I will be recording with my good friend Jeremy Casella sometime around Thanksgiving. That’s a longer wait that I originally planned but I think it will work out for the best. We’re going to try to take the time to make it as cool as we possibly can and hopefully when you (finally) get to hear it, you’ll dig it. I’ll probably still kidnap Osenga to come play some guitar parts and sing some BGV’s as well.

So there you go, other than that I’ve got a few shows lined up before summer and plenty of time to get those demos done! Thanks for still hanging in there, your support is very, very much appreciated!

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