When aliens attacked Warrenton, VA.

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Rhonda and I drove over to Warrenton, Virginia last Thursday to hang out with Derek Webb and his lovely wife Sandra. We had a great time even though we ended up getting home at 4am. We all went out to a diner (you know, the metal RV looking kind) to get a bite to eat after the show and while there we witnessed what can only be described as a live action version of the lighting scene in War of the worlds. It was amazing. I’ve never seen so much lighting strike at the same time… and it lasted the whole 2 1/2 hour drive home! It’s been like that off and on since, lots of storms and lots of flooding around here. Any minute now Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning will run by with a giant Tri-Pod alien chasing them! Anyway, it was great to see the McWebbins again and they did a great job as usual… they’re fun folks.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be playing at a 4th of July dealio here in Dover, DE… I’ll post the details when I get them worked out. It’ll be fun to play a few songs here in town and see some friends. Break out the fireworks!

Oh, I forgot to post those pictures of Quarryville… I’ll get them up here after I edit them to a decent size. Sorry about that, I was too busy dodging alien laser blasts.

Take care and watch the skies!



Quarryville, PA

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Just a quick note to say that we had a great time at The Coffee Bean in Quarryville Friday night. It was great to see everyone again and meet some new folks. Thanks so much to those that came to the show, to The Bean for having me and to Bob for once again doing a great job with the sound! I’ll post some pics here in the next day or so when I get more time.

Today we hung out with some friends at a retirement party for one of Rhonda’s coworkers. It was good fun with some good food. When we got home we watched the USA/Italy game that I recorded. The US played great but man, that was some of the worst refereeing I’ve ever seen! Two red cards for typical tackles???? Just let them play soccer! So now we need Italy to win and for the US to beat Ghana for them to stay in it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

In other sports news, my O’s played well against the Mets again and Edmonton has forced the Stanley Cup finals to go to game 7. Very exciting!

We also went to the late showing of Nacho Libre with our friends Aaron and Candice. Very funny movie that played like a weird half brother of Napoleon Dynamite (also by the same director/writers). It’s by no means a great movie but it sure made me laugh my head off! Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half.

It’s time to get some sleep so have a great Sunday and I’ll talk to you soon!



World Cup

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Has anyone else been watching the World Cup soccer games? I love soccer and I’m always excited to see the World Cup finally roll around. Except for USA losing, the games have been great. Brazil was amazing to watch yesterday and I just finished the Saudi Arabia/Tunisia game which was very exciting (especially near the end of the game when Al Jaber tied it up). Right now I’m watching Germany vs Poland in HiDef which is AMAZING… grass has never looked this green!

Speaking of soccer, this commercial narrated by Bono for the World Cup is awesome.



Caedmon’s Call

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*Editor’s note- This was meant to be posted Sunday but I messed it up*

We went to see Caedmon’s Call last night in Quarryville at the Witness Festival… we had a good time visiting with the band again and seeing www.caedmonscall.net guru Bryan Allain rock out on the cowbell with the band. Here’s some fun pictures for you good folks…

Here’s Bryan rocking out on the cowbell…

Bryan Allain on Cowbell

And here’s Caedmon’s Call drummer Todd Bragg riding a borrowed scooter (which nearly caused a few injuries before the show!)

Todd on bike

Lastly, just a reminder that I’ll be playing in Quarryville this friday at 7:30pm at The Coffee Bean… see ya!



Cars is Carstastic!

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Pixar’s “Cars” was great! If you want to see it, see it while it’s on the big screen… the animation is beautiful!

With that said, I shall now bid you farewell… good night!



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