Caedmon’s Call

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*Editor’s note- This was meant to be posted Sunday but I messed it up*

We went to see Caedmon’s Call last night in Quarryville at the Witness Festival… we had a good time visiting with the band again and seeing www.caedmonscall.net guru Bryan Allain rock out on the cowbell with the band. Here’s some fun pictures for you good folks…

Here’s Bryan rocking out on the cowbell…

Bryan Allain on Cowbell

And here’s Caedmon’s Call drummer Todd Bragg riding a borrowed scooter (which nearly caused a few injuries before the show!)

Todd on bike

Lastly, just a reminder that I’ll be playing in Quarryville this friday at 7:30pm at The Coffee Bean… see ya!


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  1. bryan Says:

    hey joe,

    can i get the big files of those cowbell shots??

    thanks, bryan

  2. Barry Says:

    I really apceipeatrd it as well. I’ve enjoyed Caedmon’s for a long time, but as I lived my entire first 18 years of life in Salt Lake City, UT (where not many christian bands ever come and Caedmon’s certainly never did) I definitely missed out on the early era of Caedmons. So it’s really nice for me to be able to see them interacting with Derek and to hear some of the older songs live. You’ve done an incredible job. (and nice work sneaking in a Derek song title if it was intentional into the title here. If wasn’t intentional, kudos anyway.)

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