Optimus Prime is my hero!

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This video clip is AWESOME! Click here to see the “real” Optimus Prime

And this picture is awesome as well…

Optimus Prime costume


Deck the halls

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You may be wondering why I’m posting so early, well… so am I! Actually, the guys are here building my deck (so that I don’t have to!) and I’ve got the cable guy coming to fix a problem with my hd signal. I’m not an early morning kind of person, I hate it. I’d much rather stay up late then get up early. I guess it’s a musician thing, all my friends who write and play are night owls and that’s when I like to write/record… when it’s quiet and peaceful.

I’ve also been feeling pretty sick the last day or so, I’ve developed a mean cough (maybe I have kennel cough!). I was bummed that I missed bible study last night but I was feeling pretty lousy. So yeah, I wasn’t getting any more sleep because of this stupid cough.

Now I’m currently having my coffee (or “life giving blood” as I call it) and watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure as I await the cable person. The movie is still pretty funny but not nearly as funny as it was when I was 13. Keanu hasn’t changed a bit though!

Enough rambling, I’m off to get more coffee… maybe I’ll post later from my new deck (thanks wireless Apple router!). Talk to you later!



Laminated animals

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With my Dad still recovering (thankfully doing well), I’ve been trying to keep things up and running at his office. That’s kept me pretty busy every day. I also hooked up a new HD tv for him so he can relax and watch westerns in glorious widescreen! One of the many times my geekiness can come in handy! Geeks unite!!!

We’ve got a deck being built in the next couple of days which will be nice to have. Also, Rhonda’s got me helping out with her “school work” and such. I didn’t become a teacher so that I wouldn’t have to do this stuff but what do I do?????? I marry a teacher!!!! Oh well, I still love her despite being forced to cut out laminated animals.

The Emmys were good and bad… Conan was great and I was happy that The Office won (a fantastic show!). However, how does Lost not get nominated for almost anything????? Bah! Colbert was hilarious though and I love me some Tony Shaloub (from Monk).

Lastly, I picked up Dylan’s new record today and listened to about half of it so far… I’m digging what I’ve heard, can’t wait to take some time to really soak it in. I picked up Arrested Development Season 3 while I was there, man, I miss that show. At least we have Dvd’s!!!

GOB from Arrested Development

See ya!



Emmy night

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As usual for this time of year, Rhonda and I are settling in for the Emmy awards. I really could care less about the awards themselves but it is fun to see a show you like actually win. Arrested Development is nominated so I’d love for them to win and trash Fox since they’re cancelled. Also, Conan O Brien is hosting tonight (like last year) so that should be fun. The red carpet stuff is on now and the interviewers are making my head want to explode. They should, I don’t know, do some research before asking stupid questions. Yeesh.

And yes, we are geeks… and proud of it!

We just got back from my brother’s birthday party so that capped off a long weekend. We had our mission’s conference at our church which was fantastic. A really great time of studying and fellowship, it’ll be nice to rest up and soak it all in.

How many jobs does Ryan Seacrest have???? He’s the red carpet guy now??? He’s like Regis!!!

Oh, and there was a chemical leak around here and they had to evacuate a bunch of folks. We had some friends spend Friday night here at the house because their house was in the “danger zone” (not the Top Gun song). I had visions of Jack Bauer rushing to save us all from the chemicals with his magic Jack Bauer Power Bag full of spy gadgets. If Jack Bauer were real, the war on terror would have ended in one day… for seriously… he’s that awesome.

Time to get some pizza and kick back for the show… keep on trucking!



The Shatner!


Tough weekend

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Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates but it’s been crazy around here lately. My Dad ended up in the hospital and gave us all a good scare. He’s doing fine now and will be able to come home tomorrow but it’d be great if you could keep him in your prayers.

Oh, and I almost set my house on fire with our firebowl on Saturday. The new firelogs are a bit too… um, flammable. My whole development must have thought fog was rolling in after I tried putting it out with our garden hose! All is well though and I’ve learned a lesson… don’t use fireplace logs in your firebowl! Now you know… and knowing is half the battle.



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