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I never know what to title these things… hence the title to this post of all posts. We did some house cleaning to the site and as you can see on the left, there is no longer a message board. I was getting spammed like crazy and to be honest, most people just comment here anyway (which is cool with me). So adios Bassett Board!!!! Maybe it will rise again someday like some sort of flaming mythical bird that rises from some type of ash or something. Also, I added a few more pages (some links to cool stuff and some info about me)… I’ll probably add more soonish. Check it out when you get the time. Thanks to Webmaster Geof Morris for helping me get stuff worked out, you rock!

In other news, Rhonda and I are going through the membership process at our church (which we’ve attended for about a year) and hopefully all will go well over the next few weeks. It’s been a real blessing to get to know everyone there and become more involved with it. We couldn’t be more thankful that God has led us to this community of believers.

Lastly, I’m recording some demos again for the cd and will hopefully be able to get them to Casella by the end of the month/beginning of September. I’ll keep you up to date!

Well, I’m off to clean up my office, talk to you soon!


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