Laminated animals

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With my Dad still recovering (thankfully doing well), I’ve been trying to keep things up and running at his office. That’s kept me pretty busy every day. I also hooked up a new HD tv for him so he can relax and watch westerns in glorious widescreen! One of the many times my geekiness can come in handy! Geeks unite!!!

We’ve got a deck being built in the next couple of days which will be nice to have. Also, Rhonda’s got me helping out with her “school work” and such. I didn’t become a teacher so that I wouldn’t have to do this stuff but what do I do?????? I marry a teacher!!!! Oh well, I still love her despite being forced to cut out laminated animals.

The Emmys were good and bad… Conan was great and I was happy that The Office won (a fantastic show!). However, how does Lost not get nominated for almost anything????? Bah! Colbert was hilarious though and I love me some Tony Shaloub (from Monk).

Lastly, I picked up Dylan’s new record today and listened to about half of it so far… I’m digging what I’ve heard, can’t wait to take some time to really soak it in. I picked up Arrested Development Season 3 while I was there, man, I miss that show. At least we have Dvd’s!!!

GOB from Arrested Development

See ya!


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  1. Katherine Says:

    having fun with those laminated animals?
    we’ve been busy sorting word cards into little
    plastic bags. tell rhonda we’ll probably have them
    done by sunday.

    monk is awesome.

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