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You may be wondering why I’m posting so early, well… so am I! Actually, the guys are here building my deck (so that I don’t have to!) and I’ve got the cable guy coming to fix a problem with my hd signal. I’m not an early morning kind of person, I hate it. I’d much rather stay up late then get up early. I guess it’s a musician thing, all my friends who write and play are night owls and that’s when I like to write/record… when it’s quiet and peaceful.

I’ve also been feeling pretty sick the last day or so, I’ve developed a mean cough (maybe I have kennel cough!). I was bummed that I missed bible study last night but I was feeling pretty lousy. So yeah, I wasn’t getting any more sleep because of this stupid cough.

Now I’m currently having my coffee (or “life giving blood” as I call it) and watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure as I await the cable person. The movie is still pretty funny but not nearly as funny as it was when I was 13. Keanu hasn’t changed a bit though!

Enough rambling, I’m off to get more coffee… maybe I’ll post later from my new deck (thanks wireless Apple router!). Talk to you later!


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