Before the Fall

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Although I (and Rhonda) are feeling a bit under the weather, my spirits feel lifted. Why? Because even though we’re still a ways off from the fall, it sure feels like it today. I had just made a pot of coffee and kicked back to watch a dvd a while ago. After a short time I walked out on our (new) deck to let Taz (my dog) out and I couldn’t help but feel the cool air flow across my face. It reminded me of some October day forever locked into my memory that can be conjured up by a breeze alone. You see, I love the fall… there’s no other season that makes me happier. I’m not a big fan of the summer because it’s just too hot. While I do love the winter, after a while it just wears you down and spring is lovely (with it’s promise of renewal) but maybe it’s just too bright. The fall though, it’s just perfect. Cool air and clear skies, leaves start to change making the skyline appear to be lit on fire. The hustle and bustle so common in the other seasons just seems to fade away into comfort and ease. There’s a feeling, maybe even a taste, in the air that I long for all year.

Today was like a glimpse of the rising dawn, the leaves aren’t changing yet but there’s a sense that it’s gonna happen soon… and I can’t wait. For now I’ll enjoy this foretaste of the season to come, eagerly waiting with my beautiful wife for the leaves to change and the skyline to light on fire.

Grace and peace,

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  1. Katherine Says:

    YES i am so glad the weather has cooled off.
    I sure hope it stays that way…

  2. Geof F. Morris Says:

    I share your love for fall, Joe. I love fall even more than I love you. ;)

  3. Joe Says:

    Geof, I love TO fall more than I love you! ; )

  4. Geof F. Morris Says:

    You wound me. :cry:

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