Leaving on a jet plane

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Rhonda and I are leaving for vacation Friday morning… we’re going down to Walt Disney World for a week and we’re both VERY excited about getting some time away. So the last few days we’ve just been getting stuff finalized and loading up the iPods… I can’t travel without my iPod!

I’ve also been working on all my travel plans to go record in Nashville, tickets are bought and hotel is booked. It should be a fun, although busy, week of work and I’m really looking forward to it. Casella and I also finalized the songs for the record so I’m excited that it’s ready to go. I’m going to make sure to post everyday from the studio while we’re working, put up some pictures and let you all know how it’s going. I can’t wait!

Tonights Lost was REALLY good! After this run of episodes is done, the wait until it comes back in Febuary is going to be painful. BLAH!

Oh, one more thing… this Sunday I turn 30. I guess it’s a big deal although I’m not sure why. Every once in a while I’ll think about it and it feels a bit odd but it really doesn’t feel like the grand threshold that it’s made out to be. At least not yet. Maybe Sunday I’ll flip out and buy a convertable and a hairpiece though… stay tuned!

Well, that’s probably it until later next week, I doubt I’ll post from Disney but who knows. If not, behave yourselves until I’m back. Take care!



The songs, they are a changin’

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I’m once again working on demos for the new record, Casella and I like almost all of the songs but a few needed some tweaks or needed to be replaced. So I’ve been working on some backups and some new songs that I feel much better about. Once I’m done, we’ll see which ones stick and get the arrangements figured out. I’m so excited about the possibilites of this new record but I have a bad habit of second guessing everything when it comes to my songs. So it’s nice to have Casella giving me his two cents, especially since a lot of these songs haven’t been heard much outside of my little mini studio.

Tonight we watched the new episode of The Office and it was FANTASTIC! The last few minutes were amazingly touching, I love this show! Tomorrow we’ll catch up on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, it’ll be nice to have an evening for Rhonda and I to both veg out a bit.

Last night I played poker with some of the guys from my church (no money this time, I just gambled away my pride). I went out third… yes, I am a loser. We had a good time hanging out though and that’s what it’s really all about… that and winning! Afterward my friend Aaron came over and we sat out on the patio, enjoyed some Oktoberfest and talked theology, Star Wars and why Beck is stinkin’ awesome, till WAY too late. However, when you’re an insomniac… “late” doesn’t really matter much. All in all, it was a good night.

Well, I’m gonna pour another cup of coffee and get back to working on some of these songs. Later!



Sufjan Stevens + Caedmon’s Call = Fun couple of days

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We went to go see Sufjan Stevens play in Philly on Thursday and man, what an amazing concert! Honestly, it’s easily in the “Top 5 Best Concerts” that I’ve seen. I was in complete awe and I don’t think I’ve completely processed it yet. We also ran into Mark and Karyn Traphagen as well as their daughter Hannah and it was great to see them… apparently so great that we saw them again Friday night! We all went to go see Caedmon’s Call play (also near Philly) and enjoyed a fun evening of great music and friends. The band sounded amazing (despite some sound issues) and I personally enjoyed the Cliff/Andy O banter which was in top form… possibly due to everyone being extremely tired. Bryan and Erica Allain were there as well but since he’s a Red Sox fan and they beat my Orioles last night… that’s all we’ll be saying about them.

After the show we hung out and talked about Lost, The Office and I tried out Andy’s new baritone guitar which sounds AWESOME! I’m definitely thinking about getting one, maybe after the cd is done. Speaking of the cd, a few Caedmon’s bandmembers will be helping out on it when I’m in Nashville so I’m looking forward to working with them. After all that, Rhonda and I made it home around 2ish and watched the newest Office episode (which we loved)… I guess all the talk about the show got to us!

Tomorrow is a big day because (Lord willing) Rhonda and I will be joining the church we’ve been attending, so that’s VERY exciting and I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve been blessed to be a part of this church and it’ll be nice to finally make it “official”.

Well, I guess that’s it, that was our big week… I hope you all are having a great weekend and I’ll talk to you real soonish. Take care!



"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer