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We’re back home from our vacation and trying our best to get back into the daily grind. After all the great restaurants and hotel service, home feels a little less exciting and empty. It’s good to be back though, we missed our friends, we missed our dog and all the blessings that come with home. I’m trying to soak it all in because in just over a week, I’ll be back on a plane and heading out to Nashville. Just the thought is equally exciting and daunting.

Last night we caught up on Lost which was AMAZING… it was thrilling, sad and frustrating all at the same time. We also watched The Office and that was just briliant, everything Michael did was pure comedy gold. The little moments in it just kills you… the missed message from Pam, Roy’s reaction to seeing Pam and Jim wrecking his bike and all that surrounded that moment… man, I love that show!

Alright, that’s enough rambling for now… I’ll post some pictures this weekend from the trip when I get some time. Later!


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