Recording: Day 1

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I’m back at the hotel after a hard day’s work and figured I should post before I went to bed. Today went really well and I am really jazzed about the way this record is going. I met up with Jeremy this morning and we went for coffee down the road to plan out some ideas. After we got back, we ended up getting three songs sketched out (Temp vocal and guitar) so that the other players can record their parts this week. Kenny Hutson is coming in Wednesday to record Pedal Steel, Mando, Mando-guitar and Dobro on about half the songs so we’ve got to get them ready for him. I can’t believe he’s playing on my record… I mean, this is the guy who played with Bill Mallonee in Vigilantes of Love!!!! So cool.

The three songs we worked on were Nothing hurts like the truth, Chasing Windmills and The best that I can… Chasing Windmills really beat me up today, my hands just couldn’t keep up for the finger picking. Luckily, Jeremy’s a killer guitar player so he stepped in to save me (and my poor hands!). I feel like we’re on the same page and this record is going to be different from anything I’ve done before, I think this may be the best I’ve ever felt about my own music.

Cason stopped by this afternoon and it was great to see him “post Conan”… Cooley’s pure rock and roll!

Well, tomorrow will be another busy day but I’ll make sure to post again when I get back to the hotel. Here are a few pictures from The Map Room, we’ll make sure to get a lot more as the week goes on. Take care!

Here’s a few of Jeremy’s guitars… the Gibson is getting a lot of use so far…

This is HAL, the super computer that runs it all…

Here’s a few more guitars, the Taylor 12 string will be used tomorrow…

And here’s Jeremy tuning up…


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