Recording: Day 5- Picture day!

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I’ve got a few minutes while Jeremy is recording some piano so I figured that I’d post real quick. We recorded some guitar stuff this morning, just some overdubs and stuff. Eric Peters stopped by to say hi during his morning jog… it was great to see him again and hopefully I’ll be able to get him back over here for background vocals in the next few weeks. He was also sporting a killer beard which caused me to rename him “The Dread Pirate Peters”. I dig it.

After lunch, Jeremy’s wife Kierstin did my photography for the record which went really well. She’s great and Jeremy was a pretty killer assistant and location scout. A good time was had and I think we got some great photos.

We’ll be working till 8pm or so tonight to get as much done as possible so if I don’t post again tonight, I’ll post this weekend. This week has been amazing but it’ll be so great to get home to Rhonda… at least she’s coming out with me in December. Well, I need to get back to work so thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon!


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