Nothing hurts like the truth

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It’s the end of a long day of work and I’m about to crash for some much needed sleep. We recorded 4 songs today and we feel really good about them. It was cool to hear everything that was done while I was gone… it all sounds amazing! The whole record seems to have a really cool vibe musically and I couldn’t be happier with what Casella has done so far. I’ve also decided on the title of the record which will (most likely) be “Nothing hurts like the truth”. The song of the same name seems to sum up everything pretty well so it seemed fitting as the actual album title.

Last night we went to Baja Burrito, one of my favorite spots, for dinner and it was fantastic. We then went to the Opry Hotel to see the Christmas lights. Much fun was had. Our hotel room caused some problems due to the air conditioner not working… after moving rooms at 1am, we finally got to sleep. Not cool (literally!).

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on some sleep and get rested up for another day of work… I’ll post again tomorrow. Take care!


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  1. Bob Says:

    Joe, just missed you in Nashvegas. We were there for the AP Christmas show on the 6th and hung around til the 10th. We attended Midtown for worship on Sunday and returned that night. Talked with Eric after the show as he was looking for Danielle since she was not feeling well and wanted to get her home. Also hooked up with Randall and set up a lunch date that never happened because he too came down with the dreaded AP Christmas Show BUG that laid out Jill the night of the show. Sandra filled in for her and did a fabulousrendition of Labor of Love. If we had any better seats we would have been on stage. Andy O strolled by us at Midtown but I did not want to seem like some autograph seeking fan he ranted about in one of his blogs. Matt Odmark from Jars was passing out bibles to those he needed one.Anyway, looking forward to the new record and getting together soon. Grace alone Bob

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