Pre-order Nothing Hurts Like The Truth!

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My new record, “Nothing hurts like the truth”, is now available for pre-order right here. The record will be releasing on (or about) May 15th (Edit: We’re running a little behind… it’s at the manufacturer and I should have it between May 22nd/29th.) and I’ll be sending them out as soon as I get them. We’re really excited about the record and can’t wait for you all to hear it! I still have one of the songs up on my MySpace page and I’ll be putting a couple more up as we get closer to the release date (Careless should be up now). So order yourself a copy and in doing so, bask in the knowledge that you have in some small way fed and/or clothed little Baby Bassett (releasing on or about October 7th!).

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon!

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Concerts and Coffee

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Jeremy and I had a great time this past weekend playing a couple of shows and just hanging out. It was a weekend full of good friends, meeting new folks, lot’s of music and enough coffee to fill the great lakes. It was a blast having Casella play/sing along with Rhonda and I…. maybe we’ll call ourselves The Joe Bassett Trio next time! Thanks to everyone who put on the shows and especially to all the folks who came out to support the pregnancy center at the Concert for Life. They’re truly a great ministry and it was a blessing to be even just a small part of it.

Casella and I were also taking pre-orders at the shows for our new records (thanks to all of you that ordered a copy!)… I’ll hopefully be taking pre-orders here on the site by the end of the month. It looks like the release date will be May 15th (the same day that Casella’s record comes out!) so keep checking back here as that gets closer. We’re both really proud of it and can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

Finally, on a more geeky note… Lost was insane tonight! It’s seriously kicking butt lately and these last 4 episodes are going to drive me insane. I just know it.

Well that’s it for now, thanks again for all the congrats and such that have been sent to Rhonda and I. Today was officially the 4th month which is just crazy, all of this is beyond exciting and we can’t wait for October to get here. Hopefully Baby Bassett enjoyed Daddy’s concert this past weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon!

Grace and peace

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Baby Bassett

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Hey all, we’ve got some big news for everyone. Rhonda and I are expecting our first baby this October! I can’t begin to express how excited we both are and we’re looking forward to meeting our new family member. As always, God is good and this is an amazing blessing and answer to prayers. Rhonda is doing well and other than being VERY hungry… everything is going rather smoothly.

If you could, keep Rhonda and the baby in your prayers as we prepare for the big day. Talk to you soon!

In Christ alone,

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