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Hey all, just a few quick updates this morning…

1. Everything took a little longer than I thought it would at the printers so it pushed everything back a bit. They shipped them to me a couple of days ago so hopefully I’ll have them in the next week or so… and then as soon as they’re in my hands I’ll drop them in the mail for all of you that ordered one.

2. Look for the record to be up on iTunes in the next month or so as well as eMusic and Rhapsody.

3. I posted the lyrics up on the site so check them out whenver you want

4. You can now listen to some of the songs on Last.fm as well as MySpace and Virb (which I really like now)… so check those out if you haven’t already. And feel free to spread the word!

5. Be sure to check out Jeremy Casella’s (producer of my record) new cd… it’s AMAZING and easily the best work he’s done yet. I really think you’ll love it!

6. I’m working this week on demos for the EP that Casella and I will be recording later this year… this is the first time I’ve gone from one project right into another and it’s really exciting. I dig these songs a lot and I’m looking forward to working on somethiing really stripped down and acoustic. It’s still pretty early in the process but I’ll keep you up to date whenever there’s more news about it!

I think that’s it for now, thanks again for all of your support… it means a lot and it’s not taken for granted.

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. katherine Says:

    yay I can’t wait!! hopefully jeremy’s CD
    will have arrived by the time i get home.
    we are in TX now. :) yay! but i’m very
    tired so bye. (hi to rhonda!)


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