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A few quick updates and some randomness…

Nothing hurts like the truth is now available on iTunes! This is really exciting and if you’ve heard the record and like it, feel free to write a review on there (be kind, I’m fragile).

Congratulations to our friends Derek and Sandra (McCracken) Webb on the birth of their son Rhodes on July 4th!

I’ve been watching the Live Earth event off and on all day… a few great performances (especially The Police who I’ll be seeing on the 20th) and some that made me turn the channel VERY quickly (Shakira… blah!). All in all, very interesting group of artists.

This morning Rhonda and I watched a friend go skydiving… something that I will never, ever do. I am secure in my limitations.

I saw the Transformers movie the other night, pretty fun movie. Kind of cheesy at moments but it’s the stinking Transformers… they had me at “Autobots, roll out!”.


We also saw Ratatouille… AMAZING movie and one of Pixar’s best. Go see it right away, it’s well worth the money… an absolutely beautiful film.

We’ve been rewatching The Office (US version) with our friends Aaron and Candice (Rhonda and I like getting them hooked on shows that we love … we’re evil that way). The episode where Michael burns his foot on the George Foreman grill nearly killed us dead… classic! The bubble wrap cast that he wore had me in tears (again).

I think that’s it for now, time to get some rest before church in the morning… see ya later!


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