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Waiting is the hardest part… or so I’ve been told. We got the nursery done the other day and then Rhonda had her first baby shower this past weekend. So we’ve been putting things in their right place and figuring and rearranging only to rearrange again. It felt like a mad rush for a few weeks there because we were trying to get done before Rhonda headed back to work in a few weeks. Now that it’s finished (for now), it feels like we can get the rest of it done slow and steady.

The interesting thing is that now our house feels almost incomplete… as if even the house itself is waiting for this grand arrival and until that happens, it feels a bit empty. Every time the baby kicks against my hand and my heart skips a beat, time just stands still. The high chair is here, we have a car seat, stuffed animals are lined up by the window and the crib is all set up. All we can do is just wait…

I think about a world that was waiting for the Messiah to come with his sword raised only to have him born in a manger. I think about Abraham standing over his son waiting on a word from above to stay his hand. Noah waiting on a sign that the flood waters would recede. Job waiting for his world to be pieced back together again by the hand of God. Joseph waiting in Egypt for all things to be worked for good. I think about the disciples waiting through those long three days between death and the resurrection, how they must’ve been reeling with each and every breath! And all of it reminds me that the waiting is never easy, but it’s always worthwhile. The promise of things to come and the joy when it’s fulfilled makes it all the sweeter. So we keep waiting, but just for a little while longer…


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"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer