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My friend and producer, Jeremy Casella, just got a five star review from Christianity Today for his record Recovery. A mutual friend called the record a “masterpiece” and I couldn’t agree more… it’s great to see him get some well deserved notice from CT, well done Casella!

Christianity Today also gave five stars to Overdressed, the latest record from Caedmon’s Call. I love the record (which features the return of Derek Webb who left the band a few years ago). The real highlight of the record though is Andy Osenga’s brilliant songwriting (along with the great Randall Goodgame)… “Expectations” has been stuck in my head for months and I still can’t get enough of it.

Speaking of Osenga, there’s a great discussion going on at his blog about this article and Andy’s response to it. I think that Andy did a pretty good job in his letter* and it’s definitely worth checking out along with the discussion following it. As I told Osenga when I was talking to him online, Joseph (along with Job, who Andy mentions in the blog) makes a pretty good argument when he tells his brothers “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20). John Piper has a great sermon on this very subject at his website which I highly recommend. This one is really good as well.

Also, Tom Ascol from Founders Ministries posted on his blog about the same article and brings up some great points worth reading.

Lastly, we are just a month away from our baby’s due date… time sure is flying!

Grace and peace,

*Although, I don’t mind being called a “Calvinist” (I do tend to use “Reformed” more though), I get Osenga’s point. As Charles Spurgeon said, “I believe nothing merely because Calvin taught it, but because I have found his teaching in the Word of God.”

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