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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, we’ve been a bit busy here on the home front and I guess I just lost track of time. If it’s any consolation, most everything around here the last few weeks would make for an awfully boring post… except for my legendary battle with a bumble bee. That was pretty awesome.

The new EP is still being worked on, I just got a couple of roughs the other day and it’s sounding great. I’ve been trying to spend some time with the tracks, figure out what works and what needs to be changed. It’s the part of the recording process that seems to take the longest but is probably the most rewarding. Everything starts coming together, like puzzle pieces finally clicking into place for the first time. There’s also a few exciting things on the horizon for this record so I’ll be sure to let you know as we get things locked down a little more. Until then, here’s a few things that I’ve been listening to lately…

Neil Diamond: Home Before Dark- I loved the last record (12 Songs) and just like that one, Rick Rubin is back in the producer’s chair. Really great stuff here and Rubin’s production just hits all the right marks. Plus, Neil Diamond is awesome!

The Weepies: Hideaway- I’m just now getting into this band and I’m really digging this record. A great one to kick back, relax and take in.

Once: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack- The movie was easily my favorite of last year and this record has been in steady rotation since we saw it. I also picked up this dvd which is pretty great… check it out.

Daniel Lanois: Here Is What Is- I finally got this one a few days ago and I like what I’ve heard so far. I’m a Lanois nerd so I’m just happy to have some new music. Can’t wait for that new U2 record he’s working on!

Counting Crows: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings- I’m honestly really disappointed in this one. I’ve been a huge CC apologist but I’m just not feeling this album. While there’s a few great songs, it just starts to meander for me after a while. I’ll still defend the Crows any day though (I’m looking at you Aaron Melton!)

Radiohead: In Rainbows- Good grief this is a great record. I got it the day it was released online and I think it just might be their best yet… at the very least, it stands shoulder to shoulder with Ok Computer and Kid A. I keep finding more to love with every listen, brilliant stuff.

Ok, my Orioles just won an epic game against the Yankees in the 11th inning and I’m pretty pumped! Now it’s time for a little reading to wind down and then I’m off to bed… talk to you later.

Grace and peace,

(Thanks to my nephew Brady for reminding me that I have a couple of websites to update!)

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