10 Years

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Today my wife and I celebrated ten years of marriage. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s been that long but here we are, ta-da! We took Callie to my brother’s house for him and his family (hi Brady!) to babysit while Rhonda and I went to dinner at a cool little seafood place. Maryland Crabcakes=Awesome. So it’s been a pretty amazing ten years, my wife is as lovely and awesome as ever (even moreso!) and all things considered I’m a pretty blessed guy. I thought it would be fun to look back over the last ten years and list a few things that have changed…

I’m now bald
I’m a few pounds heavier (give or take 30)
We now live in a nice, cozy house with a big yard instead of a little townhouse with no yard
I’ve recorded 3 records (the 3rd to be released this year)
Taz the dog has murdered at least 4 rabbits (more on this in a later post)
Rhonda now has better taste in music and movies
I still have great taste in music and movies ; )
I became an Apple fanboy
I learned to cook (sort of)
We joined a really great church
Made a LOT of new friends
and most importantly…

had a beautiful little girl who is now 9 1/2 months old.

Time flies and God is good. Talk to you later!


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Facebook page

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Hey all, quick note for you… I’ve had a personal Facebook page for a while but I just finally stopped being lazy and added a page for my music. If you have a Facebook page, it would be awesome if you would become a fan by clicking here. Thanks a bunch! Viva la Interweb!


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