The wonder of it all

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My friend Alisa asked me one time if any of the songs on my ep were written for my wife Rhonda… to which I had to answer no. It didn’t seem like any would fit on this cd and there wasn’t any that I liked at the time. I have written songs for her… but the problem is that I’m very critical of my writing so most of those songs haven’t lasted very long. I’ve played them at shows but that’s about it. I’m not a big fan of corny love songs and I’ve never been good at writing something that isn’t sad or depressing in some way… hence the very few love songs over the last few years. It’s that middle area between corny and sad that I have to find… or something.

Also, love (and therefore marriage) is such an amazing blessing and experience… I’d hate to not do it justice. How do I sum up 11 years of a wonderful relationship in a 3 or 4 minute song. That’s a mighty high mountain to climb. Not to mention that throughout our 6 years of marriage we’ve had it pretty easy… relatively few trials or fights. So writing about that kind of stuff was mostly out of the question.

Well, maybe I’m getting a little older or something but it seems that I’m writing a lot about us lately. Whether it’s some trials that we’re soon going to have to face or just enjoying the time we have together. The other night I was up really late (as usual when I’m writing) and just wrote out a song in what seemed like 15 minutes. It was like the song wrote itself. I like it, I think it’s a fun sounding song that talks about how I enjoy just being able to do something ordinary like riding in a car… and look over at my wife and feel happiness wash over me. Love is a wonderful thing… and it’s something that I refuse to take for granted.

So, I figured I’d post the lyrics for those who are interested and for those that don’t know they are. Rhonda has heard this (and thankfully, she liked it), hopefully I’ll be able to put an mp3 of it on here in the near future. So here you go…

The wonder of it all

There’s a bright eyed morning looking over me
And blue sky as far as the eye can see
And here we are sitting side by side
In the wonder of it all

Everybody needs moments just to take it in
All of where we are and where we might’ve been
Cause it’s a long, long road that we’re riding on
And there’s still so much to see

Oh girl, let the wind rush in
Yeah, let the radio play
We’ll sit right here
Don’t need a thing to say
We’ll just take our time
And let Love show us the way

Well we’re a couple years older then we used to be
When a wide eyed kid dropped down on his knee
And took a chance on a pretty girl
Who deserved so much more than him

Now it’s five years later and so much has changed
I’m a different man with the same old name
But you’re still that girl with the pretty face
You know I wouldn’t change a thing

Repeat chorus

Copyright Joe Bassett 2004

grace and peace


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  1. alisa Says:

    Wow a mention on your blog AND a cute song you wrote. I liked the song too, thank you for sharing.

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