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It’s two in the morning and I have no idea why I’m still awake… so I‘m gonna keep this short. It’s been a good weekend and I guess I’m just starting to wind down or something. On Friday, Rhonda and I drove down to Virginia to see our friend Derek Webb play a house show. I’ve seen Derek play a lot over the last year or so but I never got to see him do a house show. If you’re not familiar with Derek, check out derekwebb.com. His album, “She must and shall go free” is about issues that we see in our American churches. He’s been playing small shows in houses and speaking on this as well as having a Q&A time. Derek’s passion for the church never ceases to infect me when I hear him speak. Listening to him gave me a lot to reflect on, especially the way that we view art as Christians (more on that in a later journal). Not to mention, we got to hang out with the infamous Davejac which is always the highlight of any day.

Sunday was pretty much the usual… church (where Rhonda and I lead worship) and then lunch over to our good friends house (a Sunday ritual that involves swimming and bbq chicken). It was just a great time of fellowship as usual and it’s always something that lifts my spirits. We ended up talking about music, sports, theology…. you name it. I’m always thankful for the feeling of community we have every Sunday with them. They’ve adopted us and it truly feels like we‘re just one of the family. It’s the perfect remedy to a rough week.

So like I said, it was a good weekend… I didn’t get much accomplished but I do feel a bit refreshed. Tomorrow I’m going to catch a baseball game and then Tuesday we’re going to hang out with Derek and Dave again. Other than that, life is slow as usual here on the east coast. Spring break is over but the weather has never been more beautiful… I’m planning on getting out and enjoying it.

I hope all of you had a great weekend and that you’ll have a great week… I’m going to get some much needed sleep.

Grace and peace


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