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I’ve been buying cd’s like crazy lately in a desperate attempt to find a cd that will grab hold of me and not let go. I really feel like if you stuck me on an island and gave me only a guitar, cd’s and a cd player…. i would be a happy man. I need music, pure and simple. So I figured I’d give y’all a rundown of what I’ve been listening too lately. Now, this won’t be a complete list (considering I have nearly 500 cd’s, that’s not possible), but it’ll be my favorites at this moment. Here we go…

Patty Griffin Impossible Dream– I could put any Patty album on here because I’m listening to them all the time… but this is her latest and it’s fantastic. If you haven’t heard of her, go to the music store now and buy a cd. She’s one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters… just brilliant. This album continues to show that she can do no wrong, it’s beautiful from beginning to end and hits me deep in my soul every time I listen to it.

Andrew Osenga Souvenirs and Postcards– Andy is a great singer/songwriter who used to be in the greatest band that no one heard of… the Normals. He’s put out two solo records (this being the second) and both are amazing. It’s very similar to Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” in that it’s a quiet storytelling cd… very haunting. The song Baby, don’t worrybroke my heart… something his writing does a lot. He’s also in the band Caedmon’s Call and just happens to be the producer of my record… not to mention he’s just an all around great guy.

Jars of Clay Who We are Instead– I love this cd, a great mix of rock, pop and bluegrass. Proof that even with your 5th studio album, you can still be creative and surprising.

Glen Phillips Live at Largo– For those of you who don’t know, Glen Phillips used to be the lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket… a fantastic band that broke up too soon. This is Glen’s live album with songs off of his solo record, some Toad songs and some new stuff. Just him and a guitar… check it out.

Lyle Lovett My Baby Don’t Tolerate– This is a great cd… I love Lyle’s voice and just the whole feeling of the cd…. fantastic

Bruce Springsteen The Rising– This cd hasn’t left my cd player ever since it came out… no one writes like the boss.

Damien Rice O– My friend Megan got me hooked on this cd… absolutely haunting. The first song Delicate just gets to me every time… great song, great cd.

Fountains of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers– There is just something really cool about Fountains of Wayne… this record has such an eclectic sound, it’s amazing. A fun album from beginning to end and a great cd to put on during the summer with the windows down.

Indigo Girls All That We Let In– Another great record from these two… their harmonies are absolutely amazing and they’re still some of my favorite songwriters.

Norah Jones Feels Like Home– Norah Jones’ voice has this quality that makes you want to set back and take ii whatever she says. I really dig this cd and love the organic sound of it… it just sounds like a few great musicians sitting around playing great music. You can’t beat that.

So there you go, that’s a taste of what I’m listening to right now. If you have any recommendations, let me know… I’m always looking for great music and I’m not quite broke yet. Take care!

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  1. Geof Says:

    I feel cool to have three of those, Joe. As you know, I’ve got a great appreciation for the FoW disc. :)

  2. joe Says:

    that FoW cd is FANtastic. you should feel cool for having 3 of those, but you could be so much cooler if you had more!

  3. alisa Says:

    Oh, I see, quote Andrew Peterson as the title line but hes not on the list. I dont know about that Joe…

  4. joe Says:

    hahaha, i was actually going to put him there… but it’s a list of what i’m listening to now. i haven’t listened to andy p in a few weeks. that’ll probably change soon though… love and thunder always ends up getting played eventually.

  5. megan Says:

    i’ve been listening to the shins quite a bit lately. their first album, ‘oh inverted world’
    is fabulous, and i also picked up their more recent disc ‘chutes too narrow’ and have
    been enjoying that one as well. if you are looking for something a little different,
    check them out.

    oh, glad you are enjoying the damien love.

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