Chicken Pox, Floods and Pauly Shore

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Wow, it’s been a while since my last post… sorry about that, things have been amazingly busy. To follow up my last post, I do not have chicken pox! I had blood work done the other day to see if I ever had it and surprisingly I did. So either I was way too young to remember it (and in turn no one else in my family remembers… the curse of being the youngest child!) or I have blocked it out of my memory (and through some unknown mutant power, blocked it from everyone else’s memory also). So thankfully, I will not have the pox and can go about my life as usual. This weekend is Rhonda and my anniversary so we will be going away and leaving the wonder that is Delaware behind.

In other news, I’m booking some shows for this fall and as soon as I get some concrete info I’ll let y’all know. We’ll probably be having a cd release party here some time in August also. I’m talking to some friends who might come out and jam with me at the show… we’ll see if that works out.

In other-er news… Delaware nearly drowned the other day. We (and some other lesser states… just kidding… really, what could be lesser than here… not even Wisconsin!) were hit with some huge storms that caused massive flooding throughout the state. On the news I saw a dumpster floating down the highway and bouncing off cars (that were underwater)…. those things are stinkin heavy and yet it was floating like Corey Feldman’s carreer. Amazing. Anyway, it was pretty wild and crazy… we even had tornado warnings and stuff. Now, I used to live in Kansas so I’m used to that but around here it’s like a ufo landed or something. There are four things that Delaware doesn’t deal well with… 1. Snow, seriously… you should see people when they announce that we’ll get and inch of snow. It’s like a battle royale over milk and bread. 2. Tornados… as noted above. 3. Large words like “government” or “cheese”. 4. Pauly Shore…. no one, and I mean NO ONE can deal with him.

So that’s about it… we’ll be in and out of town for the next few weeks but hopefully I can post more soon. We should also have some live mp3’s available for download within the next few weeks. So keep on the lookout for that. Take care everybody and watch out for floating dumpsters with Pauly Shore in them!

Grace and peace

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  1. Geof Says:

    Joe: Rhode Island is surely lesser than Delowhere.

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