Chincoteague, Hymnals, Stephen King and Radiohead

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Hello everybody! Rhonda and I just got back from Chincoteague, Va the other day and we’re trying to readjust back into normal life. Last Sunday was our 6 year anniversary so we decided to get away for a little while. Chincoteague is this very cool little island off of Virginia that is still not very commercial. We sat on the beach with the closest person to us at least 30 yards away, which is great. I was stung by a jellyfish for the first time in my life… that was fun. It wasn’t too bad though, I think I juked it with my underwater Matrix move and was only brushed by it. It was like the fight scene in Spiderman 2 between Spidey and Doc Ock… I was dodging tentacles left and right… it was quite the sight to see. We also did a lot of shopping and I was very happy to find a reformed hymnal from 1908 in a little antique bookstore still in very good condition. One of my hobbies is collecting old hymnals so this was quite the find. I also found a cool little Stephen King book (yeah, I know… a hymnal and Stephen King… not the usual double purchase) that I haven’t read yet, very cool.

So anyway, it was a great weekend filled with seafood and miniature golf. If you imagine Amity Island from the movie Jaws… that’s what this place looks like. Except there’s not so many 70’s outfits and hairdo’s…. and no Roy Scheider… and no giant shark (although that would be cool!). It’s a great little place to go without spending a fortune on a trip… and if you’re like me, the only fortune you have is in guitars and cd’s and sadly, they don’t except those as currency anymore.

Well that’s about it for now, so I’ll leave you with another random cd recommendation… Radiohead’s The Bends and/or Ok Computer. Both are absolutely brilliant and they’re perfect examples of great art. If you don’t own them, go buy them now…. seriously, go now… I’ll wait for you…. go ahead. Are you back? Ok, so now that you’ve gone and bought those cd’s, I’ll let you go listen to them (you can thank me later). Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!

Grace and Peace

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  1. the Sage Says:

    Greetings to our fellow Chincoteague lovers!

    You are so not going to believe this…but I picked up that same 1908 hymnal at the little antique book store on Main St….and obviously didn’t buy it. I did it for you, Joe.

    And dittoes on the Bends recommendation. Joe, along with Jeremy Casella, turned me on to this a year ago and I have not stopped listening to it since. An artistic wonderland of many textures…definitely a CD for qualitiy earphones

  2. joe Says:

    dude, are you serious? that’s amazing! i just couldn’t pass it up… the idea that people were singing praises to our Lord out of that same hymnal nearly 100 years ago is mind boggling. thanks for leaving it for me!!

  3. Geof F. Morris Says:

    Well, so that you know, Joe, OK Computer didn’t do anything for me. I might give it another try in a few months. :shrug:

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