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With a lot of new cd purchases lately (and now no money to eat), I figured I’d throw out a little update as to what I’m listening too. So here you go, in no particular order…

1. Wilco’s A ghost is born– Wilco’s latest album and a very cool one at that. I have been very much addicted to Wilco over the last few months, and this just doesn’t help. It may be a notch below Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but it’s still awesome.

2. Chris Mason’s Crowded Spaces– My producer Andrew Osenga also produced this record and it sounds fantastic. Just an all around cool cd with some great songwriting. Check it out.

3. Radiohead’s The Bendsand Kid A– I haven’t listened to these two for a while but I’ve been in the mood for Radiohead lately… these are such great records it’s almost mindblowing. Near perfection.

4. Bob Dylan’s The Remastered SACD boxed set– I’ve been going through this set over the last month or so and can’t get enough. Between Highway 61, Another side of Bob Dylan, Oh mercy, Blood on the tracks… man, so many great records and the clarity on this set is amazing. Well worth the investment (although, I’ve heard that you can’t transfer SACD’s to an Ipod… so beware).

5. Bruce Springsteen’s Born to run– I’m revisiting this record after a long break from it… a great record for the summer.

6. Patty Griffin’s Impossible Dream– Still in my cd rotation and will be for a while longer… we’re going to see her, Emmylou Harris, Buddy and Julie Miller and Gillian Welch on Tuesday.

7. Mutual Admiration Society- This is the project that Glen Phillips (from Toad the Wet Sprocket) and Nickel Creek recorded 3 years ago (!) but it was just released. I really haven’t decided what to think about this record yet… there’s some great stuff, but I’m a little underwelmed. I wanna give it a shot though because I love me some Glen.

8. Jeremy Casella’s Innocence Fires– This is a record that won’t be released by the label (because labels suck) but you might be able to find it here and there online. A great cd with some great guest artists (The Blind Boys of Alabama, Jill Phillips, Cason Cooley). Jeremy will be touring with Caedmon’s Call this fall and recording a new EP… so keep an eye out for that.

9. Ryan Adams’ Rock and Roll– Another record I’m getting back into… a very cool rock record (although not my favorite Ryan Adams cd). Great for listening to in the car with the windows down and sunroof open.

10. Fountains of Wayne’s Interstate Road Managers– A great cd by a band that hits the cd player every summer. Good stuff.

10 1/2. Barenaked Ladies’ All their greatest hits– Always a fun band for the summer and a pretty decent collection.

That’s about it for now, if you haven’t listened to any of these… check em out now!

Grace and Peace

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  1. the Sage Says:

    Joe…I’ll burn you a copy of a live Mutual Admiration Society concert and give it to you Tuesday. Much better than the “garage album” from what I hear.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Perhaps a copy of Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” would be as beneficial to your collections as these other artists’ works are. In fact, I GAR-UN-TEE it would be.

  3. Hunter Says:

    Hey Joe –

    I’d check out Justin Rosolino (http://www.justinrosolino.com) – I think you’d really enjoy him. :)

    – Hunter

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