The times, they are a changing

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Life can be crazy in a way that wears you out as much as it excites you. It’s kind of like a rollercoaster that is so much fun to ride… but the seat is built in such a way that it always digs into your back or your ribs. There was one at King’s Dominion called “The Shockwave” that was more a standing coaster… but it had a little bicycle seat to sit on. Man, whoever designed that needs to be shot.

Anyway, I give you all of that needless information to say this… life is interesting. Rhonda and I started attending a new church recently, a decision that was a year in the making. It’s never easy to leave a body of believers that you’re so involved with and it’s just as hard to become involved with a new one. We’re trying to hold on to our friendships for dear life while starting up new ones at Grace… it’s a bit like being an acrobat with vertigo. Our new church is a cool little reformed baptist church and so far I feel right at home. We have some friends that are there and we got to know some folks pretty well before we started attending regularly. All of that has made the transition go pretty smoothly. I’m excited to be involved there and I really feel like we have a great opportunity to grow and learn.

In other news, I’m purchasing an Apple Powerbook tomorrow and can’t wait to hook up some gear and record some stuff. I’ve been writing a lot over the last couple of months and really need to get this stuff down… nothing really feels complete until you get it recorded and can hear it back. I pestered a bunch of friends (thanks Derek!) to give me advice so I could make sure that I got what I wanted (and needed) AND most importantly, save money. Hopefully I can post some songs here for y’all to hear as soon as I get used to everything. I’m also going to start finishing my music room/studio upstairs in my house (that’s been waiting patiently for 2 years)… I can finally break out my drums without annoying Rhonda.

Anyhoo, I’m off to go bowling with some friends (does that sound as lame as I think it does????), take care!

In Christ alone,


PS, thanks to Geof and Megan for reminding me that I have a website.

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  1. Geof F. Morris Says:

    You’re welcome, Joseph! It’s really cool that you’re getting a Powerbook. I’m jealous. [But then I just signed a mortgage Friday … that’s enough purchasing for one week. :lol:]

    Lookin’ forward to the new stuff … and I, too, am changing churches right now. Unlike you, though, I don’t yet know where I’m landing.

  2. joe Says:

    good luck with the church hunting, that’s always fun (in a not fun kind of way). and i shall name my powerbook “kitt”

  3. Geof F. Morris Says:

    Who are you, David Hasselhoff?

    If, the next time I see you, you have curly locks and like to go around shirtless, I’ll have to put you down for the sake of humanity. Aaaaaaaaiiiieeeeee!

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