Bow before the power of Apple

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After years of coveting my friend’s computers, I sit here typing on my brand new G4 powerbook. I have to say, it’s a nice feeling. I’m a bit new to Mac but I knew what I was getting into before I sold my soul to Steve Jobs. One of the main reasons that I got the computer is to record some songwriting demos… so hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have some stuff to put up here on the site. I also found out that we have an Apple store up in Wilmington (and Rhonda gets a teacher discount, yay!) so that’s a bit dangerous.

In other news, I must confess that I am dang excited about the new Star Wars movie. I’ve actually enjoyed the last two (while being well aware of their faults) but for a long time, I just couldn’t get excited about this one. However, after seeing the new trailer on the big screen and then reading a few extremely positive reviews. Well, let’s just say that I’m making a visit to Fandango for opening day. One of the first movies that I saw in the theater was The Empire Strikes Back and I’m sure that it kick started my love of movies (well, that and Jaws… and Indiana Jones). I think I’ll rewatch all the movies before opening day to get myself prepped… maybe go out and buy a wookie costume and beat up all the kids dressed as Jar Jar Binks. It’ll be a fun time indeed!

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  1. megan Says:

    i think you should make rhonda dress up as princess leia in the gold bikini.

    he he he.

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