The Devil created infomercials

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I’m up late (yet again!) and wasn’t really paying attention to the TV. I looked up when I heard that Keven Trudeau guy saying that everything (including cancer) can be cured with natural medicine, I just about kicked my TV in. He was taking phone calls on an infomercial that is NOT EVEN STINKIN’ LIVE! Ugh, what a joke. And now a second one has started where he’s the “guest” on a “talk show” that isn’t really a talk show. I mean, c’mon… people are actually being suckered in by this guy but he’s a fraud and a crook! After attending a 19 year old girl’s funeral today, the last thing I want to hear is how her cancer could’ve been “cured” by his book with secrets about magic plants or something. BAH! I’m feeling a bit of righteous anger coming on!

With that rant out of the way, I’m heading to bed to dream of kicking this guy in the shins. G’night!


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