My name is Joe Bassett and I’m a TV addict

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Hey all, I was going to post a journal after I got home from this last run of shows… I apparently forgot. Rhonda and I had a blast traveling and wanted to thank everyone for having us. We had a good time and enjoyed hanging out with some new friends. We’re happy to be home for the rest of this month before I play a couple of shows in June/July.

As to the title of this little post… today I realized I have a problem. I saw that the President is addressing the nation tonight and my first thought was “Oh no, what about Prison Break and 24??!!!??”. How sad is that! So, what I learned today is that the issues of our world should never interfere with The Jack Bauer Power Hour. All was made well though when I saw that both will air right after the address. Jack Bauer saves the day again!

Before I go into TV Addicts Anonymous, I just wanted to let you know that my good friend Andrew Osenga has a new cd coming out soon and you should all buy a copy (or two!). What I’ve heard from it sounds outstanding and I’m looking forward to getting the full cd. Check it out and enjoy some good music.


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