Toad the wet sprocket

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Just a quick note while I’m waiting for the microwave to make that glorious beeping sound to tell me that lunch is ready. We went to see the Orioles play the Yankees on Friday with some folks from our church… is what a lot of fun except for the O’s losing. However, they played great last night so I’m happy again!

Rhonda and I went to see the reunited Toad the wet sprocket last night in NJ which was awesome! I’m a big Toad/Glen Phillips fan and it was so cool to see them back together playing some of my favorite songs. We had a great time and at least now I can finally say “I’ve seen Toad!”.

This weekend we’re heading to Quarryville to visit with Caedmon’s and www.caedmonscall.net guru Bryan Allain. It’ll be great to see everyone again, it’s been too long!

Lastly, I’ll be playing in Quarryville (apparently, it’s all happening in Quarryville!) on June 16th at The Coffee Bean at 7:30pm… hope to see you there!

Grace and Peace

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