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Howdy hey! We’re in the middle of planning our vacation to Disney World in October. I’ve always wanted to go at Halloween and Rhonda happened to win a trip through her school… so off to Disney we go! We went in November of 2000 (we were there for the whole “hanging chad” election fiasco!) but didn’t stay on site… this time we’re staying on the resort so we’re looking forward to that. Also, we’re going with most of my family so it’ll be fun to do the trick or treat deal with the niece and nephew.

Speaking of Disney, we’re going tomorrow evening to see Pixar/Disney’s new movie “Cars”. I’m a HUGE Pixar fan so I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with this time. The latest trailer looked amazing and the reviews have been great so I have high hopes. I’ll let you know how it was tomorrow!

Rock on!

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  1. Barrie Says:

    Hey Joe – Have a great time. I went to Mickey’s Not So Very Scary Halloween Party a few years ago. It was really fun. Check out my site if you want to see photos from my trip in May. Barrie

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