When aliens attacked Warrenton, VA.

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Rhonda and I drove over to Warrenton, Virginia last Thursday to hang out with Derek Webb and his lovely wife Sandra. We had a great time even though we ended up getting home at 4am. We all went out to a diner (you know, the metal RV looking kind) to get a bite to eat after the show and while there we witnessed what can only be described as a live action version of the lighting scene in War of the worlds. It was amazing. I’ve never seen so much lighting strike at the same time… and it lasted the whole 2 1/2 hour drive home! It’s been like that off and on since, lots of storms and lots of flooding around here. Any minute now Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning will run by with a giant Tri-Pod alien chasing them! Anyway, it was great to see the McWebbins again and they did a great job as usual… they’re fun folks.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be playing at a 4th of July dealio here in Dover, DE… I’ll post the details when I get them worked out. It’ll be fun to play a few songs here in town and see some friends. Break out the fireworks!

Oh, I forgot to post those pictures of Quarryville… I’ll get them up here after I edit them to a decent size. Sorry about that, I was too busy dodging alien laser blasts.

Take care and watch the skies!


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