Emmy night

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As usual for this time of year, Rhonda and I are settling in for the Emmy awards. I really could care less about the awards themselves but it is fun to see a show you like actually win. Arrested Development is nominated so I’d love for them to win and trash Fox since they’re cancelled. Also, Conan O Brien is hosting tonight (like last year) so that should be fun. The red carpet stuff is on now and the interviewers are making my head want to explode. They should, I don’t know, do some research before asking stupid questions. Yeesh.

And yes, we are geeks… and proud of it!

We just got back from my brother’s birthday party so that capped off a long weekend. We had our mission’s conference at our church which was fantastic. A really great time of studying and fellowship, it’ll be nice to rest up and soak it all in.

How many jobs does Ryan Seacrest have???? He’s the red carpet guy now??? He’s like Regis!!!

Oh, and there was a chemical leak around here and they had to evacuate a bunch of folks. We had some friends spend Friday night here at the house because their house was in the “danger zone” (not the Top Gun song). I had visions of Jack Bauer rushing to save us all from the chemicals with his magic Jack Bauer Power Bag full of spy gadgets. If Jack Bauer were real, the war on terror would have ended in one day… for seriously… he’s that awesome.

Time to get some pizza and kick back for the show… keep on trucking!



The Shatner!

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