The songs, they are a changin’

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I’m once again working on demos for the new record, Casella and I like almost all of the songs but a few needed some tweaks or needed to be replaced. So I’ve been working on some backups and some new songs that I feel much better about. Once I’m done, we’ll see which ones stick and get the arrangements figured out. I’m so excited about the possibilites of this new record but I have a bad habit of second guessing everything when it comes to my songs. So it’s nice to have Casella giving me his two cents, especially since a lot of these songs haven’t been heard much outside of my little mini studio.

Tonight we watched the new episode of The Office and it was FANTASTIC! The last few minutes were amazingly touching, I love this show! Tomorrow we’ll catch up on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, it’ll be nice to have an evening for Rhonda and I to both veg out a bit.

Last night I played poker with some of the guys from my church (no money this time, I just gambled away my pride). I went out third… yes, I am a loser. We had a good time hanging out though and that’s what it’s really all about… that and winning! Afterward my friend Aaron came over and we sat out on the patio, enjoyed some Oktoberfest and talked theology, Star Wars and why Beck is stinkin’ awesome, till WAY too late. However, when you’re an insomniac… “late” doesn’t really matter much. All in all, it was a good night.

Well, I’m gonna pour another cup of coffee and get back to working on some of these songs. Later!


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  1. Katherine Says:

    sorry i missed you and rhonda at chickfila
    the other night!!

    but i guess it’s good that you came before
    wednesday because my boss changed all the lights
    up front so now it’s SUPER BRIGHT. none of
    us like it. the lights reflect off of everything!
    including our screens. maybe our boss will
    let us wear sunglasses if we beg. but the poor
    customers will still be blinded.

    oh well
    have fun with your music!

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