Leaving on a jet plane

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Rhonda and I are leaving for vacation Friday morning… we’re going down to Walt Disney World for a week and we’re both VERY excited about getting some time away. So the last few days we’ve just been getting stuff finalized and loading up the iPods… I can’t travel without my iPod!

I’ve also been working on all my travel plans to go record in Nashville, tickets are bought and hotel is booked. It should be a fun, although busy, week of work and I’m really looking forward to it. Casella and I also finalized the songs for the record so I’m excited that it’s ready to go. I’m going to make sure to post everyday from the studio while we’re working, put up some pictures and let you all know how it’s going. I can’t wait!

Tonights Lost was REALLY good! After this run of episodes is done, the wait until it comes back in Febuary is going to be painful. BLAH!

Oh, one more thing… this Sunday I turn 30. I guess it’s a big deal although I’m not sure why. Every once in a while I’ll think about it and it feels a bit odd but it really doesn’t feel like the grand threshold that it’s made out to be. At least not yet. Maybe Sunday I’ll flip out and buy a convertable and a hairpiece though… stay tuned!

Well, that’s probably it until later next week, I doubt I’ll post from Disney but who knows. If not, behave yourselves until I’m back. Take care!


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