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I’m sitting in my hotel room near East Nashville, I have the Ravens/Titans game on and just finished a Jack in the Box burger for a late lunch. It seems like ages ago when I was last in Nashville and it’s taking me a bit to get my bearings again. My flight wasn’t too bad and it was on time, although I did see my guitar get loaded on and the bounce it took on the conveyer belt scared me. Yikes!

Tonight I’m heading out to see Sandra McCracken and Matthew Perryman Jones play in town, our own webmaster guru Geof Morris will be there as well. It’ll be great to see everyone again and it should be a fun night all around.

Tomorrow morning I head to Casella’s and we start on the record, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this project! Stay tuned!


PS. My Ravens just won, rock on!

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