Recording: Day 2- Electric Boogaloo

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Another day of hard work is done and I am relaxing at the hotel before I head out to dinner. We started early this morning and got cranking on the songs right away. We finished Guitar/vocals for 4 more songs and they’re sounding AWESOME (if I do say so myself). We also had possibly the best pizza ever for lunch. Tomorrow we’ll work on a couple of songs before Kenny gets there to record… I’ll make sure to get lots of pictures since he’ll be playing about five thousand different instruments.

Time to head out for a bite to eat, talk to you later!


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  1. Katherine Says:

    oooh! so exciting! hope you are having fun.

    we sure are! i have a new baby sister!!!!!
    yup, she came a week early… ;) can’t wait
    for everyone to see her!!!!

  2. Patrick the Follower Says:

    Can’t wait to here the new stuff, Joe.

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