Recording: Day 3- The Kenny

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Today was an amazing day… Kenny Hutson (formerly of Vigilantes of Love) came by and recorded pedal steel, mandolin, electric guitar and mando-guitar on 5 songs. I’ve gotta tell you, I was already excited that he was going to work on this record but I had no idea just how good this guy is. He just completely blew me away and I couldn’t be happier with how the songs sound now. They’re really coming together and I think we’ll be in great shape by the time I head back home.

Tomorrow we’ll be recording piano on a couple of songs and maybe get another song or two carved out. We still have Andy Osenga coming in at some point to record a bunch of stuff and we also have to go to Garett Buell’s (of Caedmon’s Call) to record percussion and bass (with the awesome Mark Polack). So we have a lot to do but we’re trucking along right on schedule. So until tomorrow, here’s a few more pics for you…

Here is Kenny Hutson rocking out on the pedal steel…

and then mandolin…

Here I am rehearsing a song on ‘Cliff’, my trusty Martin guitar…

Here’s Jeremy’s dog Sam taking a break after a long day of work… we’ve gotta abide by union rules after all!

And this is where we kept the amps while Kenny was recording to get the best sound possible… we lovingly refered to it as ‘The Cocoon’
The Cocoon

Lastly, here’s a list of stuff that we’ve gotta get done… it’s good to see a lot of it finished!
The list

Take care!

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  1. Geof F. Morris Says:

    Not only is Kenny a gifted musician, he’s also a fun guy.

  2. Caller Says:

    Kenny is a p*ssy. He might be able to pretend to play a few instruments, but he thinks the stinking-ass Georgia Bulldogs are a good football team.

    “You’re like school in the summertime…NO CLASS.” -Fat Albert

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