Happy almost like new, not a scratch on it, year!

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I’m a little late in my new year proclamation of happiness, however, my heart means it no less! We’ve been busy with all manner of distractions in this new year but so far so good. Plus, the playoffs have started (go Ravens!) and that’s a good thing indeed.

The last few days I’ve been listening over the rough mixes for the record and it sounds like all is well and ready to go. Everything should be going to mix very soon and then we’ll be one step closer to finished. I’ve also been busy lining up design details and such, it’s a long process but it’s all worth it in the end. We’re both very proud of this record and can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Jeremy and I are also talking about doing a couple of shows on the East Coast when our records come out so stay tuned for that. It would definitely be a blast to play some more shows together.

In other news, Rhonda got me a Burr Mill Coffee Grinder for Christmas (thanks to the Casella’s for spoiling me with theirs!) and it’s changed my life. No, really…. that’s not hyperbole, that’s the power of good coffee… it’s life changing!

Lastly, we went to see Rocky Balboa over the holiday break and it was FANtastic! I love the Rocky movies (even the cheesy 80’s ones… but not Rocky V… we won’t speak of it again) but I was worried it wouldn’t deliver. As soon as that classic music started though, I was in like Flynn… by the end, I was happy to say that it was just a flat out good, uplifting movie.

I guess that’s it for today, talk to you all soon!


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